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Success In Not A Destination - IGP Francis Munu

The Sierra Leone Police launched the workshop session for the validation of draft recruitment and promotion policies on Thursday 30 October 2014 at the Senior Police Officers Mess, Kingtom in continuation of the extensive police reforms program which the police force has been undertaking.  The occasion was graced by more than 100 police officers from all over the country.  The UNDP Country Representative, Sudipto Mukerje and the Security Sector Consultant, Rohan Burdett represented UNDP at the occasion.

Success Is Not A Destination
Inspector General Francis Munu expressed his pleasure at the progress made by the review team, while dilating on current police issues of interest to the force, including the direction in which the police force is going.  He said success is not a destination but a journey and if an organisation continues to recruit the wrong people, it will not achieve good performance.  He said SLP needed some of the best brains now and time is now past for illiterates to come into the police force.  It is important, he noted, to have good officers who are literate, IT savvy and in tune with the global economy.  This is why the police is also directing its resources in this direction.
He concluded by saying that there is no longer any place in the SLP for mediocres who watch things happen.  SLP was rather looking for people who make things happen.

Forcing Lists of Unqualified People Unto The SLP Should Continue to Be A Thing of the Past 
The Minister of Internal Affairs, JB Dauda hailed this milestone in the list of major changes and restructuring activities conducted in the SLP in the recent past.  He said there was need to maintain and improve effectiveness by taking a hard look at the recruitment and promotion policies.  He said the act of forcing a list of unqualified people on the SLP should continue to be a thing of the past and the promotions practice in SLP should lead to motivation and not to miscontent.
He commented on current breaches of emergency regulations and distractions in the fight against Ebola and commended the response of the Police

Modernization of Systems is a key factor in Performance Management 

The UNDP Country Director, Sudipto Mukerjee commented on the fact that modernization of systems is key to improving and managing people performance.
He noted that this would be greatly complemented with the new performance appraisal system, for which retraining would commence in November 2014.