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Strategic Organisational Change Management Program

When change happens or is impending, it can be the most unproductive period for an organization, company or public enterprise.  This is more so if it is known to be an agile and modern organization.  More than ever before, managers need to be change-savvy and to know what to do to bring their organizations through change while remaining optimally productive.

Or change management program is run on the change nexus platform, enabling your processes with technology and boosting your chances of change success.  Of course you have heard that over 60% of all change management projects fail.

Let’s take you through how to manage your strategic agenda, how to manage innovation, how to remold your business model.  How to cope with organizational changes, business actions, impacts, training and communication.

Enrol now for the Strategic Organisational Change Management Program holding on the 29th and 30th September at Freetown’s Sensi Hub at Aberdeen.  Our venue is fully technology enabled with free wifi throughout the course. 

The program fee is Le2,150,000 (Two million, one hundred and fifty thousand Leones only) and it includes course materials, tech demos, full meals and tea breaks.  The program is fully certified.

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