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Sierra Leone Police Performance Management System Launch

Launch of PM System


Success is not a destination – It is a journey.  Inspector General Francis Munu declared on Thursday at the launch of the SLP Performance Management System.  The IG reiterated the commitment of the Police leadership to a credible and user friendly performance management system.  In his keynote address, the Inspector General said that all others worked for themselves, but the police works for all others.   The IG said that a successful performance management system will help the SLP to facilitate guidance, counselling and mentoring, raise an awareness among officers of the importance of planning and engender better utilisation of capacity.

The system was developed off a diagnostic review funded by the German International Corporation  ( and conducted by Ascendant & Company Management Consultants ( .  The system is a model for public sector performance management which allows the public officers plan, review performance, provide feedback and replan for continuous improvement.

The Deputy Inspector General Of Police,  Richard Moigbe, had earlier appealed to the IG and donor organisations to ensure that adequate support is generated for the effective implementation of the project in terms of moral support, leadership commitment, infrastructure, resources and finance.

Lothar Jaschke, the representative of the European Union Commission noted that the Police was so important that it could be said that ‘Without the police, there will be no state’.    He appealed to officers to embrace the new system, which he proclaimed as the most advanced and relevant appraisal system he has seen in the public sector in Sierra Leone.

Human Resources Director, AIG Kalia E Sesay noted that the SLP is committed to the growth of its officers and is working to give every police officers the best possible chance of success.

UKAID’s governance officer, Lucy Hayes expressed the commitment of the UK government to support this process as part of their funding of the Access to Security and Justice Program.  Ms Hayes urged participants and the SLP to take advantage of the expertise provided by consultants, Ascendant & Company to ensure the system is a success.  Sophy Thomas, Security Adviser to the Access to Security and Justice Program also gave a short address, in which she acknowledged the effort which had gone into the development of the system so far and encouraged officers to work towards the deadline of 24 December for the first quarter of appraisals.  Justice officer for GiZ expressed her organisation’s delight at the progress already made in the SLP and expressed her organisation’s willingness to support the process further if need be, since it was a project which has originally been started by GiZ. Other dignitaries at the launch were the country manager of Health Poverty Action, Regina Bash Taqi, Managing Director of Key Recruitment Hannah Max Macarthy, Polic Dirctor of Operations, AIG Al Shek Kamara and Police Regional Commander for North East, AIG Soluku, Police Director of Crime Services, AIG Morie Lengor, and ISAT Police Adviser, Guy Collings.  The Sierra Leone Human Resources Management Office was also represented at the occasion.

Throughout the launch the theme of performance, service and accountability was reiterated.  The IG repeated severally that even performance management is a service which must be performed well, much the same as the job of the police.  He said officers should strive to satisfy the people they serve, work with dignity, utilise resource appropriately and gain a competitive advantage among their peers.  In all of this, the critical think is to increase public confidence in the Sierra Leone police.

In launching the system, the Inspector General urged all officers to take the system seriously and reiterated the commitment of the Executive Management Board to its implementation.