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Human Resource Management – Rewards Management – A handbook for human resource managers and rewards management practitioners

Benjamin Kobina Osei                                   Publisher :  GNAT Print Shop

A comprehensive collection of compensation and reward titles by an expert in the field.  The book has twenty (20) chapters covering organization strategy, compensation and reward strategy, reward design and pay systems.  It leans heavily on job analysis and evaluation systems as the basis for fiar wages and employee relations management, including the management of labour unions.  The range of topics include the theory basis of total rewards; major influences on wages and salaries, minimum and living wage determination; and performance management.

The book is an exceptional collection of knowledge and practical experience, relevant to the african market and modern enough to cater for contemporary HR practice.  This handbook positions Hr practitioners firmly in the business partner drivers seat.

Osei has been head of compensation and working conditions department of the Ghana Teachers Association for over 20 years.  This experience places him in a unique position to see both sides of the coin – the employee and the employer.