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Recruitment Services


Once upon a time, organisations agonized over the tedious task of human resources staff, becoming bugged down while more strategic matters suffered neglect.  In today’s competitive climate, much is being outsourced for the good of the organisation.

Certainly one key area where your organisation can benefit from outsourcing is in the area of recruitment.  Before now, organisations invested a lot of time and financial resources in searching for the most suitable employees themselves, and this result in lots of expenditure for the organisation.

If you are currently concerned about saving lots of calendar time and scaling down expenditures, the most assertive method of placement is to utilize our recruitment services / staffing services / employment services.

At Ascendant & Company Ltd, we tailor-make HR staffing solutions to your organisational needs. We have been persistently formulating and optimising effective human resource solutions to enable you to weather economic fluctuations, regulation expenditures and enhance productivity.

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Our Recruitment Services includes;

• Executive Search Services

• Permanent Staffing Services

• Temporary/Contract Placement

• Foreign Manpower Recruitment

• International Talent Search

• Training & Development

• Career & Succession Planning