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Police Management - The Times - They Are Changing...

The times - they are changing.  Police top leadership team, led by the Director of Human Resources, AIG Gloria Olive Tarawally started a series of sensitization visits in December.  This set of visits will take her round all departments and all divisions nationwide.  A primary aim is to disseminate information about the new police recruitment and promotions policies.  However, these tours have served a larger purpose - to familiarise police officers with the changing face of police management and to give officers a rare opportunity to interact with their leaders.

Astounded police officers expressed suprise at the visits.  'We've never before seen this kind of management move.' They espoused. But the visits are not the outstanding part of the excercise.  The times - they are SLP.  The policy reviews show this clearly.  Officers listened keenly as the Director of Human Resources took them through the new policies. 'Wow' commented one officer. 'We didnt think this day was ever going to come'. 

The team which visited Calaba town police station on Tuesday6 December included the Director herself and her officers including representatives from internal benefits unit, end of service unit, administration and records. The regional HR partner joined the team.

According to Tarawally, policy changes must happen to show officers how police management is evolving, but yet stable.  Recent police management practices show that stability can exist alongside powerful change dynamics and advocacy is necessary to drive through change for the benefit of the organisation and its people.  It was important to emphasize through action not words that the scope for action means that no one single policy will remain superior for ever, thus the need for constant review and evolution.

Some of the policy changes which elicited suprise included the new entry criteria, which increased the number of O level passes from last year's recruitment round.  The promotions policy was discussed at lenght, and AIG Tarawally discussed at lenght the glut in head count which meant that currently vacancies only existed in fact at the sergeant rank.  All over ranks wer alredy excess to establishment requirements.

This was a no-hold barred discussion which would not have happened in the past, but now...guess what...The times...they are changing....