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The Sierra Leonean Middle Class

Do you fall within the Sierra Leone Middle Class?  Good question.  How would you know if you did?  The definitions are very broad, very wide ranging. In a detailed research we will be defining the Sierra Leonean Middle Class and trying to get some insights into how they influence the economy, the society and the politics.

In general, the middle class is the socio economic class between the working class and the upper class, unusually including professional, highly skilled laborer, lower and middle management and white collar professionals.  The UN defines this group simply as persons who live on $2 (Two) or more US dollars a day.  This would equals a minimum of about Le10,000 Leones a day, Le311,000 a month or about 3,760,000 per year.  Of course the bracket is very wide, and some middle class persons earn up to Le18,000,000 a month and spend in the region of 540,000 a day on average.


The characteristics of the middle class transcend income.  This group has mostly professionals and semi-professionals, skilled craftsmen, highly educated managers and lower level management.  The have a comfortable standard of living, for the most part and some economic security, considerable work autonomy and they can rely on their expertise to sustain themselves.  This group is constantly conceptualizing, creating and consulting.  A university or college education is a characteristic of this group, but many middle classers have much less education.


In addition to their educational level, middle class persons tend to emphasize independence and respect non-conformity.  They are politically more active than other groups, including the upper class.  For this reason, they are very influential and majority of voters fall within this group.  As can be expected, many influencers, writers, journalists and editorsfall within this group.  Most society trends also originate from the middle class, many of which tend to be local enterpreneurs or white collar professionals in stable secure, well paid jobs.


Interestingly, this class includes a ‘floating’ class, who regularly are in danger of falling into poverty as a result of economic, political and demographic shocks.


What is the profile of the Sierra Leone middle class?   

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