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German International Cooperation

GIZ has been working in Sierra Leone since 1963, their work being implemented by 7 seconded members of staff and 36 national experts in the areas of agriculture, peace building, encouraging sustainable ad encouraging environments for investments, employment promotion and youth empowerment.

GIZ is currently implementing a programme in Sierra Leone to promote employment and improve income situation of young people in rural areas and initiates development partnerships with established companies to create more jobs.

GiZ also works on raw materials governance aime at helping the nation properly utitlise profits from large depostis of raw materials. The aim of the project is to help improve the framework for a more equitable use of natural resources and to create greater transparency in the commodities sector.

GiZ is also implementing a project geared to the reform and strengthening of the justice sector.

Ascendant & Company Ltd was contracted by GiZ to conduct a situation analysis of the Sierra Leone Police, a key organ of government peace keeping and law enforcement.

The key product of the situation analysis provided key input into the program design for Sierra Leone Police organisational and human resources reform program, covering wide ranging aspect including the development of a performance management system and the computerization of the police human resources database.