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Building Police Institutions in Fragile States

Case Studies from Africa

In the years following the end of its civil war in early 2002, Sierra Leone undertook a systematic effort to transform its security sector.  It was assisted by what was, at that time, the largest UN peacekeeping operation in the world.  It also benefited from having the support of a lead donor - the United Kingdom.  The UK took a particular interest in rebuilding the Sierra Leone Police, spending £25 million on the effort between 1999 and 2005.  It adopted a hands on approach, appointing a retired British detective, Keith Biddle, to head the SLP through its rebuilding effort.  After 2005, UK broadened its approach beyond the police to the justice sector as a whole, eventually launching its Improved Access to Security and Justice program in 2010.  Since them, external funding has waned, accompanied by a tail-off in the quality of policing.

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Building Police institutions in Fragile States@  Case Studies From Africa