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Ascendant's Data Collection Game Changer in Tablets and Smart Forms

Ascendant this week formally launched it state of the art tablet and smart form data collection service.  With this formal launc, PAPI (traditional pen and paper) data collection mode officially takes the back seat in all of Ascendants data assignments.

Data Manager Louis Gerome said using tablets to collect data is no longer a luxury but a necessity. ‘We are dragging clients along by their teeth sometimes, but they end up seeing the benefit of the innovation’

Ascendant will be deploying tablets for data collection nationwide, using GPS tracking to keep pace with field workers and uploading data when there is a network available. The beauty of Ascendant’s smart systems is that they can be used both on and offline.  Wherever network access is limited, the tablet stores the data and automatically uploads when the network is efficient again.  Ascendants tablet data collection ensures speed, accuracy and smartness.

The launched systems uses programmed surveys and can be customised per client. Loius Gerome says it helps to create a better case in client facing situations about the quality and accuracy of the data being collected.

Olufela Adeyemi, Ascendant’s executive director detailed some of the advantages that this technology brings to the table.  They include process progamming, where the client’s survey is programed into the tablets, hosting on dedicated servers, downloads on handheld devices which will be assigned to the interviewers and enumerators.  Data is entered directly into the tablets, completion data is posted and it reaches the server automatically, updating the previously uploaded information once the device is connected to the internet.

At this point quality control teams will check the data for accuracy and quality and pass it on the the data analysts for further analysis.  Alternatively, if the data is suspicious, it is immediately send back to the interview on the field for correction.

Olufela opined that the use of the tablets for data collection means that data can be checked at regular intervals.  Logical checks can be programed in advance which allow the project to avoid logical errors in data.  There is also the significant reduction of errors during inputing since the interviewer drecty inputs during enumeration.   If the data is close ended, it can be available within 24 hours.  In addition, interviews can be supported with video, photo and audio recordings.

Because enumerator fidelity can sometimes be a problem, this system can get the geo locations of enumerators.  It is also possible to modify the surveys at any time.

What we have done is replaced paper and files with smart forms and tablets. With this our business has succeeded in lowering IT costs, enhancing customer service and accelerating service delivery.  Clients no longer have to wait endlessly for the manual inputting of their data before they can manipulate it for business intelligence.  For us this is a game changer, as it provides real time access to critical information anywhere, as well as enables us to collect data in the field anywhere and at anytime.

Our smart forms and tablets allows our filed workers and ourselves to perform tasks more efficiently, using our proprietary mobile enumerator software, which is a no-program way to improve field productivity while reducing costs.  Out solution leverages the tablets powerful capabilities with the smartform platform providing interactivity and intelligence.

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