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Performance Measures:  Traffic Management

Highway Management — To improve safety and mobility, police traffic mgt address traffic and incidents

Arterial Management — To improve safety and operations of surface streets, traffic police manage the traffic and incidents at intersections and along segments of surface streets. 

Incident Management — To detect, respond to, and remove traffic incidents using a planned and

coordinated multi-disciplinary approach so that traffic flow may be returned to normal as safely and rapidly as possible. Successful Traffic Incident Management (TIM) procedures will decreases the length and effects of traffic incidents while improving the safety of motorists, crash victims and emergency responders.

Safety — To improve safety for travelers, police are focused on implementing measures to

decrease the number and severity of crashes on highways, surface streets, and through work zones.

Traveler Information — To enhance travel time predictability and reduce congestion, timely and

detailed information is provided about traffic flow, traffic incidents, weather, construction activities, transit and special events.

Transit Management — To provide quality transit service to the traveling public in transit vehicles




  1. Reduce Road Fatalities by 40% by end 2017
  2. Limit percentage increase in average travel time to less than percentage increase in traffic volume
  3. Vision of zero fatalities with an annual reduction goal of 15% per year (Road fatalities, Highway crashes, bike crashes)
  4. Incident Management (20% reduction in incidents, reduction in impact of incidents on the transport network, time to remove blockage, zero secondary crashes, emergency number hone usage)
  5. Congestion Reduction



No of Road Crashes per 100,000 population

No of Road Crashes resulting in death per 100,000 population

No of Road Crashed resulting in injury per 100,000 population


Data Required to be collected

Number, type and location of traffic infringement issued

Results of random breath tests (RBT)


Percentage of people who say they have driven 10km or more over the speed limit

Percentage of people who say they have driven without a seat belt

% of people who say they have driven while over the alchohol limit


Traffic Team

60% - Mobile Team

30% - Collision Investigations Team

10% =Management/Admin


Key Activities

Improve Road User behaviour

Improve Safety of Road

Improve vehicle compatibility and occupant protection

Use new technology to reduce human error (eg cameras etc)

Improve equity among road users

Improve trauma, medical and retrieval services

Improve road safety policies and programs through research of safety outcomes

Encourage alternatives to motor vehicle use